5 Tech Companies to Follow in 2021

With Pfizer announcing that their COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective, the future is starting to look brighter. This is especially important regarding the global economy which suffered heavily over the past 18 months. However, there are innovative companies that could reach the maximum potential as they are finding solutions to the current problems. Let’s look at the five companies which are ready to become leaders in their respective fields.

Cynet Cybersecurity

Cyber-criminals are becoming even more aggressive as businesses try to resume their normal daily lives. A reliable solution to cybersecurity is a must; and this is precisely what Cynet offers. They have an XDR autonomous breach protection that guarantees consolidated security which includes the antivirus of next-generation.  Not only that but it includes endpoint detection and response, network analysis, incident response and user behaviour analysis and protection from advanced threats. Cynet ensures complete visibility to detect and stop threats as soon as they show up.

Dialogue – Ecommerce

The end of a pandemic is getting near but the end of e-commerce is not. Digital commerce is a preferred way of doing business in the ‘new normal’; for that reason, many companies will benefit from Dialogue – which is a system designed to harness artificial intelligence in order to boost sales.  Dialogue provides users with an autonomous e-commerce personalization platform that is supported by machine learning. This engine will be capable of automating marketing and sales campaigns with a result-oriented system. For now, it boosts the customer conversion rates by 25%!!

It is capable of generating tailored messages to a potential customer based on specific preferences and sales patterns. While multiple businesses are going online, the competition in this type of marketing become steeper. However, Dialogue is designed to tackle these issues and give the best marketing experience.

IDB Mobile Technology – The mobile billing provider

IDB Mobile Technology offers solutions for mobile ‘carriers’ such as Vodafone, T-Mobile and Movistar; which boost the engagement between customer and their mobile network. It is designed for context-elastic experiences and that makes it suitable for different sizes and all kinds of client databases. Thanks to their groundbreaking language processing technology, IDB Mobile Technology coordinates conversations between customers and the carrier globally and instantly.

Many companies are already equipped with internal billing solutions, however, only a few of them are capable to achieve these global volumes. IDB Mobile Technology can not only bill to variable tariffs but also incorporates flexible billing. Using intelligent algorithms the a.i system actually comprehends what customers really at the time they need it; and at the same time, it securely and privately collects the information to discover trends to give both the user and the carrier a better experience. www.idbmobile.com


Better.com is not a personal development or some kind of productivity solution; what this company does is trying to improve the antiquated mortgage application process by bringing it to the internet and making it simple. With this automation, it will shorten the usual weeks of mortgage application and waiting time down to only a few minutes!

The company already received the approval to operate across 44 states in the USA. They are planning to cover all territories very soon and are looking forward to more homebuyers in 2021.

Sisense Business Intelligence

This software is made to analyze the data of the business and produce fast and actionable insights in all areas of business. Basically, Sisense enables data professionals, developers, executive leaders and product managers to work with reports and interactive dashboard with more effective information processing and data-driven insights.

It also offers a powerful analytics solution for the product teams. This will be a very useful tool in the market after the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the app creators could benefit from this, as it could give them a chance to integrate the interactive data into their products.

Domain: http://www.idbmobile.com

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