IT jobs that will help you progress in your career

Mobile marketing has become an indispensable part of the business world and an important part of everyone who wants to advance in their career. Just like IT jobs. IT experts are responsible for maintaining the digital infrastructure and also assisting in solving problems. This branch of activity is necessary for compliance with safety procedures and technological progress.

IT experts are all those who build, test, repair, and maintain software and hardware. While some companies will have internal IT, others will hire external collaborators. The skills that every worker in this field should have are resourcefulness, creativity, and communication. As well as analytical skills, project management, organization, and problem-solving.

IT jobs

What are the most popular IT jobs?

There are a large number of roles that involve the use of knowledge and technical skills such as computer networking. Furthermore, programming and repair computers. However, there are also jobs where the focus will be on building good relationships with clients. Regardless of the job in question or whether it is a marketing jobs, it is important that you love technology and that you are ready for constant improvement.

The most requested Tech Jobs

Project management, or in other words, the person responsible for completing projects on time within the given framework. This type of job is for all those who can simultaneously cover the area of IT support or test a specific system. Do not forget about professions such as:

• Web Design expert

Web designers plan, code and create web pages where they combine video clips, images, and text with sounds. They are responsible for designing and updating the existing website. This type of job is increasingly part of marketing jobs – link at

• Website developers

Developing websites is the construction and maintenance of websites with the help of different coding languages.

• Java Developer

A Java Developer is responsible for developing software and applications using the Java language. These developers work with software engineers to use Java to develop applications.

• Games designers

Game developers are responsible for the development and design of video games. Their role is coding according to the designer’s ideas. Furthermore, they can participate in character design and animation.

• Back-end Developer

These are experts who build and maintain data processing mechanisms. They are part of the process for data storage, security, and other functions that cannot be seen.

IT Experts in spain

What is needed to be able to work as an IT expert in Spain

What does it take to be one of the best in the technology sector? Even though you thought you didn’t have all the necessary skills, that might not be the case. However, even if you don’t have everything you need at the beginning, you will learn very quickly.

Anyone with analytical skills is preferred. In other words, identify problems before they appear.

IT resourcefulness

Resourcefulness means finding technology that will increase the productivity of others. All tech professionals looking for new resources often have an advantage. A desire to know how things work will get you far. Without an innate sense of curiosity, they would not be so creative.

Diligence in the tech world

If you don’t give up easily on difficult tasks, it means that you could advance quickly in the technological world. The best professionals are willing to work with a specific technology to find a solution.

Know how to solve a problem

If you are one of those who likes to solve puzzles, the IT job is made for you. Many of the technical skills you need to develop a career in the tech sector can be achieved through trial and error.


If you don’t give up easily on difficult tasks, you could go far. The best of the best are willing to work with a particular technology even when others have given up. Since technological tools change frequently, you should always persevere as you encounter new information.

Planning and managing projects

As a future IT professional, you will probably have to juggle several projects. The ability to meet deadlines will be extremely important. Good project management implies the ability to create professional plans.

Inventiveness in the technical sector

Inventiveness is one of the most useful talents in this field. In other words, be ready to come up with ideas to improve the product. Or to help colleagues find innovative solutions to their problems.

Communication and organization skills

Every IT specialist should know how to communicate well with superiors to solve problems as quickly as possible. If you are a programmer, it is important to know how to communicate with the team so that they can exchange ideas as well as possible.

In addition to communication skills, one should know how to organize, because organization increases productivity at work.

IT jobs in Spain – How to get a job in the tech sector

To work in the technology sector, it is important to dedicate enough time to training. One of the ways is to decide to study either through online classes or by going to lectures. After completing the online classes, a diploma or certificate follows, which increases the chances of employment.

To get a job in IT, you need to know the programming language that a certain company is looking for. There are a large number of programming languages such as SQL, Oracle, Cobol, DB2, and PHP.

Even though you have no work experience, you will be able to apply for a job. However, you need to acquire industrial certificates and learn relevant technical skills. As well as being ready to start from the bottom.

IT Jobs in Marbella

If you want to gain experience before applying for a position, it would be a good idea to start working on your projects first. Furthermore, look for free clients, volunteer, and network with other professionals.

Would you like to be an IT expert in Marbella? In IDB Mobile, we have the IT job for you. Work in tech companies can be interesting and dynamic, and for that, you need, in addition to knowledge, a little will and talent.

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