Mobile Content Marketing

To know why mobile content marketing is so important, it is necessary to start from the beginning. It is a type of marketing adapted for mobile devices and smartphones. It is a content type of advertising that allows the sharing of brand information through a website, social media channels, or through apps.

Due to the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, without which it is impossible to imagine daily functioning, whether private or business, their importance is becoming increasingly clear. This is where IDB Mobile Technology helps.

Is mobile marketing different from content marketing?

Considering other types of mobile marketing, content is mainly focused on visual and written content. As well as on mobile search, and less on direct advertising. But ultimately, both methods have the same goal, which is to reach end users.

Mobile content marketing is a type of strategy that applies several components to engage mobile users. Since Google started indexing mobile sites, this strategy has become even more important. Furthermore, it’s clearer how mobile and content marketing is intertwined.

You can share mobile content results from this strategy via email or other forms of advertising. Since mobile device users will be on the move, it is important to adapt the content. It must be short. For the correct display of content, it must be responsive. To achieve the best experience in viewing and reading content.

Strategies for mobile content marketing

There are several options to consider before creating a marketing strategy. One of the most important types of strategies is in-app, proximity marketing, and location-based marketing. Just like text and social media marketing.

Mobile content marketing

A social media marketing strategy

Many use smartphones to access social networks. According to recent research, the social networks with the largest number of active users are Facebook, Youtube, and Whatsapp. For example, Facebook alone has about 2.91 billion Monthly Active Users. It is now clearer why social networks are one of the most important strategies.

Social networks make it easy to create a personal connection with customers through messages and comments. While some will rely on organic reach, others will resort to paid ads. For example, promoted tweets on Twitter or Facebook ads.

App-based marketing

If you want to be successful in mobile marketing, you need applications. In-app advertising includes banners, video ads, and promotions that mimic apps.

Marketing based on proximity

Marketing based on proximity makes it possible to use Bluetooth to know where potential customers are.

Targeting customers based on their location

Here, marketing uses the GPS function of mobile devices to display important content according to users’ locations.

Marketing via SMS

Text message marketing is a strategy based on promotions, offers, coupons, and other alerts. It is one of the most powerful methods since messages have a high delivery rate.

SMS open rates are between 90-99%. The reason is that most users have mobile phones with them. Furthermore, they receive push notifications for messages that are not easy to ignore.

The 5 best mobile content marketing tools

To be able to use all these strategies, several tools will help you in this. Without these tools, it is impossible to imagine daily work in mobile marketing.

Advertising based on geofencing

This is an important tool for determining the location. First, you create a geofence with mobile ads. They will be visible to anyone who is in that area and meets the criteria.

Targeting specific audiences

This tool helps in determining demographics, in other words, interests, past and present behavior. As well as interests and places.

With this tool, you can locate customers at the moment they will buy a certain product. It is also possible to combine the target audience with location marketing. All this is to make mobile marketing even more relevant for potential customers.

A Brand’s perspective

One of the best ways to increase traffic is to understand what is happening with visitors. This method helps in perfecting the marketing campaign to attract the ideal clients.

Using weather data for Targeting

Did you know that weather affects customer behavior? People sometimes choose to stay in or go out. This will in certain cases affect what they buy. In conclusion, you can display ads depending on temperature, wind, and UV index.

Once you consider all these methods, you can determine the best possible campaign.

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