Privacy Policy

IDB Mobile Technology is a Mobile Advertiser. By using our site and its related servers, you entrust us with some of your personal data. We will keep the collected data about the User only for the time necessary to achieve a specific purpose.

Through our website, we enable you to send applications, CVs, job applications, and other supporting documents. In addition to the data you send by yourself, we can access certain personal data when conducting a selection interview or testing. Personal data obtained in this way are used and processed during the selection process depending on the changing employment needs.

With this statement, in order to ensure fair and transparent processing, we hereby wish to provide our users with clear information about the processing and protection of their personal data in IDB Mobile Technology and enable them to easily monitor and manage their personal data.

  • Personal data processing

    1.1. When processing personal data, we act in accordance with the law and enable the user easy access and understandable information and communication regarding the processing of personal data;

    1.2. We collect and process personal data only for a specific and lawful purpose and we do not further process them in a way that is inconsistent with the purpose for which they were collected;

    1.3. To ensure fair and transparent data processing and how prevent possible misuse, personal data must be accurate, complete, and up-to-date;

    1.4. We store the user's personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill a specific purpose, and a maximum of 6 months, and after that, we delete them from all our records, that is, we apply anonymization in relation to them;

    1.5. We process personal data in a secure manner, including protection against unauthorized or illegal processing and against accidental loss

  • User's personal data

    2.1. IDB Mobile Technology collects personal data that is necessary to achieve a certain lawful purpose of processing. IDB Mobile Technology collects data primarily from the user or potential user, in such a way that they provide it to us (e.g. personal data collected based on the contact form and job application: name and surname, e-mail, address, city and postal code, country, mobile phone number, date of birth, education and work experience, qualifications,...etc),

    2.2. If the User sends an application and other documentation for a specific tender, we will use the specified data exclusively for the selection process for that tender.

    2.3. The collected data will not be made available to third parties in any way, except for the purpose prescribed by law.

  • Management of consents

    3.1. You can request a change of consent (complete or partial revocation) at any time. You can also object to our processing of your personal data at any time.

    3.2. You can change your consent (complete or partial revocation) by contacting us via e-mail: or by mail at the address: Matas Verdes 2E
    Atalaya Isdabe
    29688 Estepona, Malaga (Spanish office),

    For Croatian office please use: or by mail to the address:
    Savska cesta 144a
    10000 Zagreb

  • Technical and organizational measures

    We have taken all technical and organizational measures to protect your data from loss, modification, or access by a third party. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will answer your requests, and doubts as soon as possible.

  • Any changes regarding our personal data protection policy will be published on our official website, and you will be adequately informed about them.