Our Goals

About Us

We are passionate Mobile Advertisers and create our own Mobile Services and Products. We develop and market Mobile entertainment Content, Apps and Sites.


From mainstream to niche offerings, IDB offer mobile content services to meet the demands of a wide and expectational demographic..


As App's and mobile gaming become increasingly advanced, IDB continue to offer the very latest and most popular mobile gaming services to our users.


IDB offer the latest premium HD content streaming targeted at the growing smartphone market. Both Live and On-Demand content can be instantly streamed via a subscription or once-off access charge.


Combining a wide of glamour brands internationally with our customised content streaming system, IDB continues to grow its service portfolio within the glamour space.


Where To Find Us

You will find us anywhere! We are present in more than 25 different markets spread across the globe. Our Headquarters are based in Croatia and Spain.IDB Mobile Technology is, without-a-doubt, one of the world's leading mobile marketing companies. With innovations dating back to 1998 such as first micropayment by SMS and the first 'over-the-air' data update in 1999 (and countless innovations since); IDB's success now prides itself on three ethos pillars; ceaseless innovation, passion, and experience.

Join the Team


Join the team

We have always been trying to exceed existing barriers and create new possibilities to provide the ultimate services, reaching millions of people world wide starting from South Africa to Australia. Accordinaly, we provide the best learning experience for our coworkers in order for them to reach their maximum potential. We consider ourselves a family and invest time and effort into every member of the team giving them a complete skill set that will last for a lifetime!

Our Mission

What we achieve

IDB is proud of its achievements but that does not slow us down. We are ambitious in every aspect and determined to be and do the best.


We are always working hard to create systems that reveal live real time statistics and actions.


We always want more! Being present in every country is our goal and therefore we’re continuously expanding.

Happy Employees

Remember the saying “Happy wife, happy life”? We at IDB are a big family and value each member of the team.

Mobile Apps

Everyone has their own interests and needs; we are here to fill every niche to provide optimum user satisfaction.

Wap Marketing

We have the best WAP sites there are! Not only attractive but highly user friendly to get maximum interaction.


With our direct marketing strategies, we can analyze and identify how to target specific users.

Ad Networks

We are currently linked to over 50 networks, and always looking for more. Contact us or meet us at conferences.


We have at least two providers on each active market, because we produce more traffic than anyone else.

Market analysis

We have an entire department dedicated to Market Analysis (not to boast, but they are the very best on the market).